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No hidden fees

We are committed to simple, transparent fees with efficient and honest service. CONNECT Certificates include an all-in advisory fee ranging between 0.20% and 1.25% per annum, depending on the portfolio choice. As Investment Adviser, we receive a portion of this fee to actively manage the portfolios we have created for you.

That’s right. No commissions. No administrative fees. No brokerage fees. No hidden charges. All the fees that you would pay are already taken into account when calculating the targeted returns of your portfolios. This has a significant and positive impact on the returns on your investments. By reducing the fees you pay, we can maximise your performance.

Sign up today and you may be eligible for a six-month fee reduction!

Deposit and invest with CONNECT and maintain a minimum balance of US$ 50,000 for a minimum of one year to enjoy a six-month fee reduction. Terms and conditions apply.

Impact of fees on performance

Many other investment solutions have multiple layers of fees and charges which can add up to more than 5% of your investment up-front and 2.25% or more annually thereafter.

The impact of such fees on your returns, over time, is high – as much as US$ 850,000 on a US$ 1 million investment portfolio, over a 20 year period. Please see the graph below.

GRAPH: US$ 1 million invested in the CONNECT Balanced Portfolio versus a typical, higher-fee mutual fund, over 20 years:

Impact of fees on performance - chart

The graph illustrates the effect of a typical 5% up-front fee and a 2.25% annual expense ratio versus CONNECT’s maximum 1.25% total annual fee.

No guarantee of future performance is being indicated in this graph. This graph and any associated descriptions are indicative and intended to represent potential mixtures of asset classes that may be suggested to Accredited Investor clients once they have been successfully on-boarded. This material is not investment advice and should not be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities.

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