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CONNECT is Singapore’s first digital advisory platform developed to meet the investment needs of Accredited Investors.

With a minimum starting balance of US$ 1,500 (or equivalent), CONNECT lets you take control of your investments and make decisions in your own time, in an easy to use and transparent way, so you can maximise your returns and achieve your financial objectives.

As your Investment Adviser, CONNECT will help you define, select, re-balance and monitor your investments – always keeping you within your chosen risk profile. For each goal you create with CONNECT, you’re in complete control of the risk you’re willing to take to achieve that goal. You may want to take on more risk to buy your dream home and less risk to save your children’s education or your retirement. Different risk profiles for different goals.

We also know you expect results. We can’t claim to predict the performance of the markets, but we do know that for a given level of return, our aim is to reduce volatility and enhance performance through diversification across multiple asset classes.

CONNECT portfolios are designed to achieve optimal returns at every level of risk. We do this by combining our in-house investment expertise with best-in-class providers – so you can invest in an intuitive, smart and convenient way. Our goal-based approach to investing keeps things simple and straight forward.

We are part of the Crossbridge Capital Group, the established global wealth management firm, which currently advises on over US$ 3 billion of client assets. The group was established in 2008 with offices in London, Singapore, Monaco and Malta. Our Singapore office is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Two established Swiss banks are minority shareholders of the group.

CONNECT will not hold your assets. Once you have signed-up as a client, we will create an account for you on the CONNECT platform and your assets will be custodied with BNY Mellon’s Pershing LLC. Additionally, all of our investment advice is supported by leading independent research firm, Morningstar, as well as Crossbridge Capital’s in-house team of investment advisers.

In brief, CONNECT is a premium wealth management experience. It combines the speed and simplicity of an automated service, on-demand access to an overlay of human investment expertise and customised, low-cost investments.

CONNECT is the smarter way for you to invest.